The Noun - 'We are the Noun'

The concept of 'The Noun' was always going to be an ambitious one. The combination of classic 70's Retro whilst in keeping with the very latest keyboard technology for a modern edge (Atmospheric/Trance) and stacks of sonic music power was always going to be a challenge. Add to that two live drummers and a fully sync'd up laser and light show, the concept almost seemed too much to even attempt, but we did and the ambitious concept was born.

Taking the clock back to 2003, this reasonably mad idea came about from a boozy midweek night out at Drummer and Vocalist Simon Streven's flat in Gipsy Hill. Other Drummer Ged Appleby cornered Simon and in a stupified haze Ged suggested this crazy band concept. Guitarist Phil Dearing was also looming large and consequently dragged into the conversation and of course everything was immediately agreed upon (in that state why on earth wouldn't it be ?!). And from that point the long haul to fruition was underway.

First things first..
"To get this thing right we must have Taurus bass pedals". Ged went on the hunt for a set of classic Moog Taurus 1 bass pedals, which as any of you purists know are essential for that venue pounding sound. Sorted (eventually), in fact the band now owns three sets of these incredible beasts.

Sound of the Mellotron..
Beautifully crafted and sampled on the Yamaha Motif ES 7. Melloton strings and choirs which sound like no other. These sounds are used throughout 'The Noun' set.

Lasers and lights..
We must have our own automated light rig and why not ! Two moving head 250mw green light lasers, nine RGB parkans, three rotating 3D light arrays, two Chauvet Q-Spot 150 moving head yokes, three LEDJ Blockbuster LED Panels, from a Scene setter lighting control desk and Lanbox-LCX extended DMX controller. All of this lot MIDI controlled and sync'd to a Yamaha Motif ES 7 keyboard for live performances !

The 'Noun Experience' is a Live thing. A truly big sound with visuals to match. To play and download tracks from our Album 'Speed Skating', as well as play video excerpts of 'The Noun' live, please visit